Whining on the Hall: Gordon’s Complaint

At long last, my diabolical scheme to drive Rutland Herald reporter Gordon Dritschilo insane has been exposed. Apparently, my methodical plotting, plagiarizing and reposting of previously published content on this blog has finally gotten to him. Maybe it’s the heat or his inability to find an adequate hot dog cart in Rutland County, but he must have finally lost it yesterday when he called me out for copying his traffic light post. And here’s the thing: he wasn’t upset that I wrote about it since I credited him, no, he was peeved that I didn’t link back to his original blog post. Clearly, he’s trying to ride on my coattails to help drive traffic to his lonely corner of the blogosphere. Have some dignity, Gordo.

Seriously, though, check out Gordon’s column, Writing on the Hall. It’s a great place to find additional content from his Herald city reporting beat as well as his personal musings on life in Rutland.


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