Dog saves boy from cougar

Originally posted on  on Jan. 5, 2010. 

BOSTON—A local teenager is resting comfortably today after a potentially dangerous encounter with a cougar over the weekend. Jeremy Richmond, 19, of Somerville was walking his two-year-old golden retriever, Scooter, at a neighborhood dog park on Saturday afternoon when he was approached by the cougar who was later revealed to be Leslie Putnam, a 41-year-old divorcee and mother of two.

“She was following me around the park for a while, kind of stalking me,” Richmond said of Putnam who noted that she often frequents the park due to its proximity to the Boston University campus.

According to Richmond, Putnam finally approached him asking if he “liked older women.” Richmond demurred, politely noting that he had a girlfriend to which Putnam replied that she could do things to him that his girlfriend “didn’t even know existed.”

“Then, she offered to buy me beer,” Richmond added.

Despite Richmond’s apprehensiveness, Putnam continued to press him until Scooter intervened, placing himself between Richmond and the cougar.

“Scooter knew something was wrong from the start,” Richmond said, explaining that the normally friendly canine began growling as soon as Putnam came near. “It’s like he could smell her Juicy Couture perfume from across the park.”

In an effort to calm the dog, Putnam attempted to pet Scooter at which point he lunged at Putnam and began barking loudly. Startled by the action, Putnam retreated to another part of the park where she soon discovered a pack of young skater boys.

Following the incident, Richmond remains grateful for Scooter’s help. “If he weren’t there, things could have ended up very differently,” says Richmond, acknowledging that, for a cougar, Putnam was “pretty hot.”

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