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Just in time for the holidays, here’s a re-post of a story I did for

A recent survey showed that the majority of people prefer to give gifts rather than receive them. While I might regard this as a sign that mankind’s altruistic nature is not entirely lost, a more cynical analysis might suggest that people prefer to give for no other reason than that the act of giving is free (for the most part) of the awkwardness and disappointment that comes along with getting a really terrible gift. Get my advice after the jump.

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Cassandra Hotaling Hahn / photo

Originally published in the Rutland County Express on Oct. 27, 2011.

Much has been made of Gov. Shumlin’s recent dropping of the “RutVegas” bomb. While some people have expressed displeasure — even verging on offense — I am unfazed. (OK, maybe I’m a little fazed, but not for the reasons that typical Rutland cranks are).

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